Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sporty Saturday Spotlight

This Saturday the sporty spotlight shines bright on thirteen-year-old Megan Mount, AKA 'Game Face'. Megan is a happy fan this week since her hometown and fave baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies clinched the 2009 National League Eastern Division Title. Check out her interview below where Megan shares the story behind her nickname and her thoughts on teamwork.

Name: Megan Mount

Age: 13

Sport(s): Softball

Hometown: Kingwood, New Jersey

High School/Middle School/College: Kingwood Township School (presently in 8th grade)

Number: 27

Position: Pitcher, first base, and left field

What’s your fave sport? Softball

How many years have you been playing your fave sport? 5 years

What is your fave sporty moment or memory?

Enjoying the game with my teammates and winning tournaments.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from playing your sport?

When you get older, you have to really be dedicated to the sport, because everyone around you is older and stronger, which means you have to become a better player, and become a stronger person physically and mentally.

What lessons have you learned about work ethic from your sport?

I have learned that you really have to work hard to become better at the sport and always practice, but you also have to study hard, to keep up your grades in school.

What have you learned about teamwork?

That to win and to be a good team, you all have to work together and help each other out, because if one person is down on the team, everyone has to help pick her up, no matter the score, or importance of the game. We have to work together as “one.”

How do you balance school and sports?

By getting as much homework done during a free period at school that I can, so I have less homework when I get home, and can then concentrate on Softball Practice with my team.

List some awards or accolades you’ve received.

I have received MVP awards at tournaments and tournament trophies with my team. In school I have received high honors and honor roll.

Who’s your fave athlete, both male and female?

Philadelphia Phillies team and Jennie Finch

What’s the girliest thing you like to do? (Pretty Tough signature question)

Wearing Jennie Finch glitter headbands to tournaments.

What’s your fave thing about the game when you pitch?

When I pitch I love the pressure that is put on you. Nothing rattles me when I am on the mound, I just pitch. There could be bases loaded, two outs, tie game, and I don’t get rattled. That’s how I got my nickname “Game Face.”

Thanks, Megan! Congrats on your accomplishments!! I'm with you. I'm loving the Jennie Finch sparkly headbands too. :)

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Happy Saturday!


Kelly said...

Congrats, Megan! I was a pitcher too, except every emotion was written all over my face!

Angela said...

I love reading these interviews!

Sheri said...

Congratulations Megan! I love this segment, interviewing a softball player. Great idea!

PS I live right near Kingwood. Go Hunterdon!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Love the nickname, Megan! I bet a glittery headband sets off your 'game face' just perfectly! ;)

Carrie Harris said...

I need one of those sparkly headbands. Thanks to you both for the interview!

Shari said...

Great interview! Thanks Megan and Keri. :)

Keri Mikulski said...

Thanks, Kelly!! Yay, pitchers. :)

Thanks, Angela!

Thanks, Shari! :) Jersey girls rule. :)

Thanks, Alyssa!

Yay, me too! We need to wear them at SCBWI. :)

Thanks, Shari! ;)