Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Last Sunday, I ran my second 5K race. When I ran my first 5K, this past November, I thought, it was going to be easy. I mean, how hard is running alone without a ball to dribble?  Well, I was wrong. My first 5K was terrible! Grannies, little kids, and runners pushing huge strollers easily passed me as I huffed and puffed trying desperately not to puke. 

After my first, running became my obsession. I had to win. Enter the Nike + system. It's this GPS thing that fits in your sneaker and attaches to your IPOD. I love it - it tells you have fast you're running, the distance, and calories burned. When I opened the device, I tossed the directions in the trash, hooked up the Nike +, and took off. I made amazing strides, even running sub eight minute miles. 

This time, I was in it to win it. I grabbed my IPOD and headed out the door, swearing I was going to bring home a medal. The start gun sounded and I took off. Sub eight minute miles? Nope. Sub nine or ten minute miles, more like it. My Nike + system was completely off. While I thought I was running five miles, I was really running three to four. And the sub eight minute miles? Not quite. I came in 76th place. :)

Lesson learned - first calibrate your Nike + system. And, 'serious' runners out there. You know who you are.. Wow, you are mentally and physically amazing. I take back everything I ever said about cross country and track practices. :)

Anybody else, been tricked by technology? Or is anyone trying something out for the first time?  

Happy News - Author, Cyn Balog blogged about SCREWBALL. :)


Melissa Walker said...

How inspiring is that photo? And yoru 5K persistence. I might go running today. Maybe.

Amy Addison said...

This is why I don't run.

I can't imagine doing one 5K, let alone two. I have a friend who does triathlons. Running really is more about the mental, I think.

WTG, you!

keri mikulski :) said...

Thanks, Amy and Melissa.. When I start something up, I'm one of those annoying people who has to win. I can't just enjoy the process. :) Triathlons- I have a friend who tries to talk me into those... Then, I read about a brain amoeba that eats your brain and comes from lakes (the swimming part) or something. I can't afford to lose any of my brain. :)

PJ Hoover said...

My husband once set my alarm clock ahead an hour to trick me into waking up early.

Wow that you're in it to win! Running for me? I aim for the eleven minute miles, and then, no more than three.

Alyson Noel said...

I'm much more of a meandering stroller than a runner-- but yay you!

keri mikulski :) said...

PJ - An alarm clock trick? Were you mad? :)

Allyson - You should have seen the stroller daddies and mommies passing me. :) They were amazing.

Stephanie J said...

Ha! Good to know... I have those Nike shoes but I don't actually use any system.

I think it's great that you're doing the 5ks! I was marathon training for a bit until I got up to 15 miles and realized that I just didn't like running that much! 5ks are a lot of fun, tho, and you remind me that I should get out there and do some of those.

keri mikulski :) said...

I'm not sure if I like running, myself. More the competition and the way I feel afterwards. Wow, 15 miles, that's great. :)

Jen Fitz said...

I am running my first 5K this Sat in Williamstown, NJ to benefit SIDS research. I have not trained nearly enough, so my only goal is to run the whole thing. I am so out of shape compared to high school soccer season!!! Wish me luck!

keri mikulski :) said...

FITZ!!! Good luck! I know what you mean about soccer shape - I don't know if I'll ever get there again, but I'd like to. :) Call me! :)