Monday, December 15, 2008


Happy 2009 and Happy Birthday to Elvis! :) Two weeks after Christmas, Elvis Presley and I celebrate our birthdays. I absolutely love birthdays, but sharing my birthday with the King of Rock and Roll kind of sucks. When I was a little girl, I had to endure countless hours of Elvis movies, music, and dedications. Sorry, Elvis, I do like your song "Can't Help Falling in Love" even though I prefer the U2 version and a few late sixties tunes, but your movies.. Not so much... :) 

To celebrate the first month of the year, I have some amazing books to giveaway, including this month's South Jersey Mom Magazine's Chick Lit Pick and a brand new hot off the press special autographed copy.  

Lauren Barnholdt is one of my absolute fave authors, so I have to part with and giveaway one of her books to share the love. Her first book, Reality Chick, hooked me, like she always does, from page one and I nonstop read the entire book during one summer day. This one is a fun, can't miss novel. 
January's South Jersey Mom Magazine's Chick Lit Pick is Jennifer Lee Carrell's international bestseller, Interred With Their Bones which is an action packed literary adventure. Filled with detailed description and edge of your seat prose, this book will sure to please reader's looking for an intellectual escape. 
Last, but certainly not least, my fellow author and friend, Jessica Burkhart debuts her first book from the Canterwood Crest Series, Take the Reins, this month. I cannot wait to get my hands on this series. I love reading books by authors who show some serious sparkle for their subject. And Jessica is an equestrian fanatic. She's giving away one signed copy of Take the Reins and a postcard. 

To enter to win Reality Chick, Interred With Their Bones, and a signed copy of Take the Reins, this month's question is: Who shares your birthday? If you're not sure who celebrates your big day with you, click here

Besides Elvis, David Bowie shares my birthday. Too bad I can't sing. But, the interesting birthday sharer in the family is my hubby who celebrates with Adolf Hitler. Yikes. :)

Here are the contest rules: 
1. To enter to win the above mentioned two books and autographed copy of Take the Reins, leave a comment telling me who shares your big day. 
2. The contest ends at midnight on January 31st, 2009. The winner will be posted on February 1st, 2009. A family member or friend will pick the winner (including my dog at times). 
3. The contest is open to everyone. Don't be shy my writer friends. 
4. If you post the contest on MySpace, Facebook, or your blog, you automatically receive two entries. 

Good luck, everyone! :)   


Big Plain V said...

Buzz Aldrin and Deforest Kelley. Pretty spacey, no?

keri mikulski :) said...

Hi, Big Plain V! Interesting.. :)

silverhartgirl said...

Reagan, Ronald and Bob Marley, share my birthday Feb 6th

keri mikulski :) said...

Hi, Silverhatgirl! Good ones.. :) Random fact: Bob Marley used to work at the same Chrysler warehouse my hubby worked at. He wrote the song, NIGHT SHIFT, while working at the plant. :)

Thao said...

Sam Walton and Elle Macpherson share my birthday. Thanks for the interesting site and the great giveaway ;)

keri mikulski :) said...

Hi, Thao! You're welcome. :)

beth said...

Did you know that not only do you share your birthday with Elvis, but you also share it with my dad? It's always been the running joke in our family that he and Elvis were born on the same day :)

And I share my birthday with...Gwen Stefani! Yay--there's definitely worse company out there.

keri mikulski :) said...

Hi, Beth! Happy Birthday, Beth's Dad! :) I feel his pain. Gwen Stefani is a good one. Love her.

Stephanie J said...

I'm proud to share my birthday with L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz! I've always loved that we shared a birthday. :)

Funny story, my great grandfather was born the same day as George Washington so his parents named hism George Washington.

Anonymous said...

My birthday is February 14, Valentine's Day, and I have two cousins who have the same birthday!


PJ Hoover said...

I didn't even have to look. Ulysses S. Grant shares my big day!

stephanie said...

Jacques-Louie David & Ernest Rutherford!
Aug. 30th :)


Meredith said...

My birthday was yesterday! I share it with Nostradamus, Tycho Brahe, King George VI, James Harold Doolittle, Patty Duke, Michael Owen, and Vanessa Hudgens.

Also I found out that George Washington died on my birthday in 1799. Interesting.

~Meredith F.

Hillary said...

Stalin (The Soviet dictator during WWII) has my birthday which is in 6 days! yay to me.

keri mikulski :) said...

Hi, Stephanie J! :) Nice share. I'm glad my parents didn't name me Elvis. :)

Hi, Shelia! A V-Day Birthday! Very nice time of year for a birthday..:)

Hi, PJ! Interesting. :)

Hi, Stephanie! I'm embarrassed, but I have to look these guys up. :)

Hi, Meredith! Happy Birthday!!!! :) Nice shares. :)

Hi, Hillary! Happy Birthday!!! Hope you get some nice presents.. What a nice time of year for a celebration. :)

Anonymous said...

I share a birthday with Wayne Rooney, Caprice Bourret, and Denise Levertov. I haven't heard of any of them before. I also share a birthday with my history teacher. (Oct. 24)

adrienne said...

Wow, Elvis and David Bowie?
I share a birthday with Boy George. It's also flag day.

Diana Dang said...

Hm, the only two celebrities I see I know of that shares the same b-day as me is Ashlee Simpson and Gwen Stefani.

And I have linked it to my blog!

Gabbi said...

I was born on the same day/month as Franklin Roosevelt, Dick Cheney, and also the newest Batman/John Connor, Christian Bale.

TJ Brown said...

My birthday is coming up... the 22nd:) And I share it with Lady Bird Johnson and Diane Sawer:)

Lalaland said...

O.o I don't know anyone in real life that shares my birthday, May 30, so after searching it on Google and finding it in Wikipedia, the people that others may know that I don't know at all are...Blake Bashoff (actor/guest star on Lost) and Kevin Covais (finalist from American Idol). That's pretty boring, to me anyway. Too bad none of my siblings were born on the same day, but hey, it could have happened considering the fact that we were born in the same month.

The Book Muncher said...

apparently i share my bday with some prince, of Wales i think? i think it's Andrew?

idk, i just found out like the other day.

Vanessa ( said...

Happy early birthday Keri!

I share my birthday (May 10) with Bono and the Gosselin sextuplets. Cool right?

I blogged about it here:

Thanks for the contest and happy holidays.

keri mikulski :) said...

Hi, Tower of Books! I don't know who they are either.. Hmm.. :)

Hi, Adrienne! Boy George.. Good one. :)

Hi, Diana Dang! And Beth.. Love Gwen Stefani. :)

Hi, Gabbi! Interesting. :)

Hi, Teri! Happy Birthday, fellow Capricorn! :)

Hi, Lalaland! The same month! Wow, it must be a fun month for your family. My cousins, who are brothers, were born on the same day, two years apart. :)

Hi, Book Muncher! Good one. :)

Hi, Vanessa! Love Bono. Thanks. You too! ;)

What a Girl Reads said...

I share my birthday with Benji and Joel Madden!
Great prize pack!

Kelly said...

Kevin Bacon, Billy Crudup, and singers Beck and Toby Keith- not terribly fascinating...My daughter shares a birthday with Madonna and oh, that explains so much. :0)
I think that Elvis is a cool person to share a birthday with!

Hope. said...

Ray Bradbury. :)

Happy birthday, Keri!

I also blogged about it:


Laina said...

Jamie Foxx, Amy Lee and Taylor Swift all have the same birthday as me, December 13th. That's cool, I think. :) and I'm putting a link to your blog in my sidebar.

keri mikulski :) said...

Hi, What a Girl Reads! Good ones.. :)

Hi, Kelly! Thanks.. Elvis is okay. Madonna is better. :)

Hi, Hope! Thanks.. Ever read Ray Bradbury's books? :)

Hi, Laina! Good celebrities.. :)

Beth said...

my mom texted me on my bday 2 tell me i shared it with ozzy osbourne. i looked up others, but didnt recognize any other names. sheila, u share ur bday w/ my sister- valentine's day! we always joke about it. my dad and his bro were born on the same day, a year apart. coincidence? or are they really twins and the dates got mixed up on the birth certificates? knowing my family, it wouldnt surprise me.
theres a lot of bdays this time of year. trying to figure out why, i realized- valentine's day was approximately 9 months ago...hmm...

keri mikulski :) said...

Hi, Beth! You have the makings of some great books. :)

mindy said...

great contest thanks

Amber said...

I share a birthday with Madeleine Albright and Pierre Curie.

cdziuba said...

Jane Fonda, Phil Donahue.

Krysten said...

Uncle Jesse from Full House and Al Gore's wife share my dad, too

Lynne said...

I share a birthday with John Ritter, Roddy McDowall, Anne Bancroft. Thanks for the giveaway!

mindy said...

the only one i know of is henry for minsthins(at)optonline(dot)net

Keri Mikulski said...

Hi, Mindy! You're welcome. :)

Hi, Amber! Interesting. :)

Hi, cdziuba! Flashback to the 80's. :) I can remember my mom watching PD.

Hi, Krysten! :) Is Uncle Jesse Stamos? He's a hottie. :)

Hi, Lynne! Good ones. I loved JR.

Hi, Mindy! Hmm.. :)

Candie said...

Mia Farrow was the most interesting person born on my birthday


Book Spot said...

I know Carrie Fisher, the Nobel guy, & Samuel Taylor Coleridge share my birthday...and someone I used to be friend's with's mom also has the same birthday day :)

(According to that site, so do Dizzy Gillespie, Ursula K Le Guin,
Benjamin Netanyahu, and (I so did not know this) Kim Kardashian...)

wildflower00 said...

I share a birthday with

Dick Clark, Billy Idol, Mark Twain and clay Aiken

ellie said...

Born on November 18th along with me is one of my all time favorites, Mickey Mouse.

malleycc said...

WOW I never heard of anyone on the same day as me the lists lists alot of people born a long time ago. they did list

Tyler Perry (I am not sure but maybe he is the football player)

yabooknerd said...

stephenie meyer and mary higgins clark share mine 12/24

Anonymous said...

President-elect Barack Obama shares my birthday! (August 4th)

I used to complain that I had no one who's name I recognized who shared my birthday, but of course over the past two years (at least) that has changed.

Christina Farley said...

Depends on the year, but every time it's on a Thursday, I share it with Tom the Turkey- Thanksgiving Day!

Sigh. Poor Tom

tattwo said...

It's really my birthday but I allow Ashley Judd, Eliot Ness, Jayne Mansfield and Kate Hudson to celebrate on the same day. Thanks for the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Joan Rivers!

Happy New Year,
(tsd dot 1977 at hotmail dot com)

Becca said...

What awesome prizes :D

I share my birthday with Barbara Bush, Frank Lloyd Wright, Joan Rivers, and Kanye West.


Renee G said...

I share my birthday with Jill Ireland, Barbara Streisand and Courtnee Draper.

jess said...

I share a birthday with Sherry Lansing, Wesley Snipes, Fatboy Slim, J.K. Rowling, Ana Claudia Michels...and author Rita Clay Estrada. Hey, I'll trade with you! I'd love to share a BD with the King of Rock 'n Roll.

Christine Henderson said...

Another rock legend--Mick Jagger. And he was born the same year as my mom (1943).

Anonymous said...

Hi Keri,
I share a birthday with Harry S. Truman (except that he was born in 1884). Please enter me for the drawing. Thanks!


Emac said...

That didn't work right the first time. I share a birthday with Harry S. Truman (born in 1884, although I was not). Please enter me for the book drawing. Thanks!

Lenore said...

Walt Whitman, Clint Eastwood, Brooke Shields, Colin Farrell among others.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Jessica Parker, Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Bedilia, Elton John

Kerry said...

Books are wicked awesome, and winning them are even better! :D

I share a birthday with a few famous people, such as Coco Chanel, Fred Thompson, Bill Clinton, Kyra Sedgwick, Matthew Perry, and Lil' Romeo. Actors, Singers, and Politicians, oh my! Pretty interesting, no?

Anonymous said...

I share a birthday with Catherine O'Hara, and Landon Donovan. (March 4th)

taterbug said...

Jon Stewart and Anna Nicole Smith are the 2 most recognized that have the same birthday.

Anonymous said...

April 14-Adrien Brody


windycindy said...

Hello, What a delightful giveaway drawing. Derek Jeter and Michael Vick share my birthday! How come I am not a big time sports player?! Thanks, Cindi

Valeen said...

Nathan Hale and Peter the Great! And let's not forget Paul Giamatti.

Arya said...

* Keillor, Garrison
* Keyes, Alan
* Fadiman, Anne
* Duchovny, David
* Theron, Charlize
* Claudel, Aurelie

Those are the people born on my birthday!

Solvang Sherrie said...

I share my birthday with Wesley Snipes, J.K. Rowling and, not surprisingly, Harry Potter.

Anonymous said...

Betsy Ross and J. Edgar Hoover share my birthday--January 1--and so does my twin sister! (Although neither of us is famous... yet.) It's also pretty cool that the year changes the same time as my age and it's pretty convenient, since I'm always guaranteed a party somewhere! lol. :-)

Aimee said...

Reba McEntire shares my b-day, maybe that explains why i am a northerner who loves country music ;-)

katayoun said...

Chuck Norris and Sharon Stone!! what cani say! :)

Anonymous said...

I share my birthday with Charles Nelson Reilly and Orlando Bloom. Talk about opposites!

Polo.Pony said...

I share my birthday with Paris Hilton - and the TV switch over! lol!
I posted this contest on my blog:


Chelsea said...

Ooh, thanks for the contest! I share a birthday with Diane Sawyer.

Sarah Prineas said...

Jodie Foster, woo!

Emily Marshall said...

Wow, I don't even know the people that site gave me with my same birthday. Apparently, Miguel de Cervantes (oh...looked him up, he wrote Don Quixote...I have heard of that), Horatio Nelson, Enrico Fermi, and Lech Walesa.

terri.forehand said...

Hi Keri,
My birthday buddies are Mozart on 1/27/1756 and John G Roberts,Jr. on my exact birthday, 1/27/1955.
I wanted to tell you I checked the site for Ashley Runion and made a comment. I am a nurse/teacher/and freelance writer as well and posted an entry on my blog about Ashley. I try to address my blog to parents and children going through a serious health crisis or ones dealing with death and dying issues. Ashley's journal would be very inspiring and encouraging for my readers.

I will be checking on her from time to time and with your blog as well. I hope to be where you are sometime ( published, I mean ) Maybe I could interview you for my blog sometime ( through email,)
I think it is fabulous that you are also a nurse.

Happy New Year.

Ellie said...

A soccer player, Landon Donovan, and I have the same birthday, March 4. He was born 11 years before me, however. Vivaldi, the Italian composer, was also born on my birthday. :)

I posted about the contest at my blog's sidebar:

Angie Frazier said...

You share your birthday with Elvis, and my youngest daughter! How cool :-) I share mine with Roy Orbison :-) Thanks for the giveaway chance!

Belinda said...

Paul Giamatti shares my birthday with me. Oh and one of my closest friends does too. We never forget each other's birthdays! Thanks for the giveaway.

Carrie Harris said...

I share my birthday with Bram Stoker and Margaret Mitchell. How cool is THAT?

Anonymous said...

I share my birthday with Alfred Hitchcock.

I have posted about this contest here:


Sarahbear9789 said...

George Orwell and Carly Simon share my birthday along with about 5 of IRL friends.

Robyn Grady said...

Johnny Cash shared my birthday.

Marie said...

I share a birthday with Garrison Keillor which is neat since I like him and David Duchovny :-)

Marjolein said...

Great contest, I am entering!

angelacisco said...

Only person I ever even heard of on the list was Doctor Dre.

debrob58 said...

My birthday (Oct. 9) is shared with the late John Lennon.

djolsen said...

What fu! Sasha Obama and Prince Phillip share my birthday.

mrs.mommyy said...

Julia Roberts

CanAmBlond said...

Both Liza Minelli and James Taylor share my birthday...which is cool. Thanks for a neat giveaway.

sandyy456 said...

I share a birthday with Hulk Hogan.

liane66 said...

Tom Hanks shares my birthday (July 9th). kimspam66 at yahoo dot com

Bookworm said...

Gary Busey....never heard of him, but whatever.....I'm dying to read TAKE THE REINS!!!!!!!!!

donnas said...

* Calvin, John
* Tesla, Nikola
* Proust, Marcel
* Bethune, Mary McLeod
* Munro, Alice
* Ashe, Arthur
* Gavaskar, Sunil
* Sheehan, Cindy
* Leonhart, Carolyn
* Simpson, Jessica

What a list. I know like 2 of those names.

Francine said...

Pope John Paul II , Tina Fey, Matt long share my day. Thanks for the giveaway.

Trainspotting said...

Richard Dreyfuss and Winona Rider

ihateveggies said...

William Scott, Luther Burbank, Rachel Weisz, and Lynn Swan share my birthday (March 7).

I actually had to google this because I had no idea other people had the same birthday as mine. =P

njsunbunny said...

I share a birthday with Shirley Jones. When I was a teen I thought it would be cool to marry Keith Partridge and have her as my mother-in-law!

Lapillus said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! My B-day is Oct 11. I share the day with Eleanore Roosevelt, Joan Cusak, and Michelle Trachtenberg - those are the most well-known of the bunch anyway!

How fun! I'll post this on my blog.

Miss Megz said...

Hi! Happy late b-day! My big day is February 19!! Here are a few famous people who share my big day!! :)

Hallie Duff
Smoky Robinson
Nicolaus Copernicus
Amy Tan
Jeff Daniels
Justine Bateman
Victoria Justice

Corey Schwartz said...

I share with Elvis, David Bowie, and YOU! Not kidding. I also learned from Katie's Literature Lounge that we share with author and illustrator, Marjorie Priceman.

bison61 said...

Diane Sawyer shares my birthday

tiramisu392 (at)

Erika Lynn said...

I share my Nov. 21 birthday with football star Troy Aikman and baseball star Ken Griffey Jr.

I blogged about the contest here


Amber said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

I share my February 6 birthday with silverhartgirl :P as well as ice dancer Peter Tscherneschev as well as Babe Ruth and gymnast Kim Zmeskal!


katie said...

I share my birthday with Piper Perabo and Vanilla Ice. And I would love to be entered into this contest.

Marianne Arkins said...

Hamilton, Alexander (1757)
Macdonald, John A. (1815)
Chretien, Jean (1934)
Blige, Mary J. (1971)
Peet, Amanda (1972)


I loved Amanda Peet in "The Whole Nine Yards"... actually, I loved the entire warped movie.

I'm dying for a copy of "Take the Reins" for my horse crazy daughter. :-)

Keri Mikulski said...

Hi, Candie! A good one. :)

Hi, Book Spot! Love Princess Lea! In fact, I was so excited when I found out our names were almost the same! :) You're lucky.

Hi, Wildflower! Wow.. Some amazing people on that list.

Hi, Ellie! You should go to Disney World or Land to celebrate your birthday! :)

Hi, MalleyCC! Isn't he an actor?? I'm not sure either. :)

Keri Mikulski said...

Hi, YA Book Nerd! Two great authors.. :)

Hi, Princess of the Dark! Wow! That's a goody. :) Wasn't the inauguration amazing??

Hi, Christina! Great time of the year.

Hi, Tattwo! Love Ashley Judd.

Hi, Thea! You too!

Hi, Becca! Some interesting people on your list. :)

Hi, Renee! Great list.

Hi, Jess! Okay.. You're on. I want to share a birthday with an amazingly successful author. :)

Hi, Christine! Love the Rolling Stones. :)

Hi, Beth! Thanks for entering. :)

Keri Mikulski said...

Hi, Lenore! What a famous list!

Hi, Traymona! Fun - Love SJP and Elton John. Did you seen AF's hat at the inauguration?

Hi, Kerry! Great name. :) Wow. Big list. :)

Hi, Ren Not Lauren! Good stuff.

Hi, Coll! Yummy.

Hi, Cindi! DJ in June!!!! I love Derek Jeter!!!! :) You are the luckiest.

Hi, Valeen! Interesting. :)

Hi, Arya! Love Charlize.

Keri Mikulski said...

Hi, Solvang! I didn't know JK shared her birthday with her main character, HP. :)

Hi, Kalix-ardin! Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! What a fun bday!

Hi, Aimee! :) Interesting.

Hi, Katayoun! :)

Hi, Celestialgldfsh! Absolutely. :)

Hi, Polo Pony! Thanks for posting.

Hi, Chelsea! I was just thinking the other night how much I like Diane Sawyer. That's a goodie.

Hi, Sarah! Great actress. :)

Hi, Emily! Huh? :) I have to google too. :)

Hi, Terri! What a nice post. Thank you soo much! Nursing is the hardest job in the world. I'd love to be interviewed! I'll be in touch. :) So glad you visited Ashley.

Hi, Ellie! Thanks so much for posting!

Hi, Angie! Happy Birthday to your daughter!! :)

Hi, Belinda! You can also party together.. I shared a birthday with my college roommate. :) What a blast.

MJ said...

Mae est! :)

Genevieve said...

Betsy Ross, Paul Revere, Edgar J Hoover, and J.D. Salinger all share my birthday (Jan 1)!

I put a link of the contest in my blog's sidebar:


Steph Su said...

Philip Roth, Glenn Close, and Bruce Willis! Whoa-ho-ho! Didn't realize so many cool people share birthdays with me =)

I'm posting your contest up on my blog: stephsureads DOT blogspot DOT com.

scottsgal said...

I share my birthday with Billy Joel. Thanks for the great giveaway

susan said...

Don't have to check. I share my birthday with a favorite author, Alice Walker. :-)

Thanks for hosting this contest.

Please consider the one we're hosting at
Color Online

susan said...

Let me try this again.

Color Online is hosting a Black History Month Writers' Contest.

Alice Walker and I celebrate birthdays on February 9th.

Barrie said...

Robert Redford and Edward Norton share my birthday (Aug 18)l. BF Skinner died on my birthday. Why oh why did I check that!?

Keri Mikulski said...

Hi, Carrie! Very ironic! :)

Hi, Mariah! Nice.. He was interesting. :)

Hi, Sarah! Carly Simon is amazing.. :)

Hi, Robyn! Did you see Walk the Line?

Hi, Marie! Hmm.. I have to look Garrison up. :)

Hi, Marjolein! Thanks. :)

Hi, Angelacisco! Great talent. :)

Hi, Debro58! Amazing talent.

Hi, Djolsen! Sasha's adorable. :)

Hi, Mrs. Mommy! Love her movies.

Hi, CanAmBlond! You're welcome.

Hi, Sandyy456! Hmmm.. :)

Keri Mikulski said...

Hi, Liane66! Great actor. :)

Hi, Bookworm! Me too! :)

Hi, Donnas! Me too.. Arthur and Jessica.

Hi, Francine! Love Tina Fey. :)

Hi, Trainspotting! Love your name.. Is it based on the movie? :)

Hi, ihateveggies! Me neither.. I'm googling too. :)

Hi, Njsunbunny! I love your name. :) LOL :)

Hi, Lapillus! Thanks!

Hi, Miss Megz! Thanks! Not a bad list. :)

Keri Mikulski said...

Hi, Corey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now I know two people who share my birthday. You must be an amazing person. LOL :)

Hi, bison61! I like Diane.. :)

Hi, Erika! Thanks for blogging! Do you play sports?

Hi, Amber! You're welcome. :)

Hi, Katie! What ever happened to Vanilla Ice?

Hi, Marianne! Love Mary! :) Good luck.

Keri Mikulski said...

Hi, MJ! ? :)

Hi, Geneieve! Thanks for the link! ;)

Hi, Steph Su! Thanks for posting. :) And nice list.

HI, Scottsgal! Love Billy Joel. :)

Hi, Sue! Happy Early Birthday!

Hi, Barrie! Interesting. :)

Erika Lynn said...

Hey Keri, I don't play sports anymore but I did for years and now I am an administrator for college athletics.

Tisa said...

I share a birthday with Peter Jennings. ~:) Thanks!

sounders68 [at]

Nease Book Bug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nease Book Bug said...

Hi Keri,

I share a birthday with actor Freddie Printz Jr., and Kenneth Grahame, author of The Wind in the Willows... but the most special birthday present I ever received was my son!! We have a birthday coming up on March 8th and it it a very special time because he will be Sweet 16 and I'll be Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's 40! It's great... This is a fun contest...I've enjoyed looking through the posts. Thanks!! :O)

Keri Mikulski said...

Hi, Erika! Nice job!!! :)

Hi, Tisa! You're welcome!

Hi, Nease Book Bug! What a wonderful birthday present! :) Enjoy your milestone birthdays this year. :)

Keri Mikulski said...

Hi, Erika! Nice job!!! :)

Hi, Tisa! You're welcome!

Hi, Nease Book Bug! What a wonderful birthday present! :) Enjoy your milestone birthdays this year. :)

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